E-Probate is coming

11 April 2024


The latest update from the Principal Probate Register Anne Heenan is that e-probate will be part of probate practice over the coming years.

What is e-probate?

It is unclear what e-probate will be, but it appears that it will be a method by which the majority of forms that we use for probate will be submitted electronically to the probate office. It will be driven principally through Revenue systems. The main backbone of the system will be the SA.2. From the broad outline provided by Anne Heenan, the aim is to ensure that the information on the SA.2 will be brought over onto the E-Probate system to avoid duplication of entries.

When is it coming?

There is a broad and tentative commitment that e-probate will arrive sometime in 2025. Obviously the Principal Probate Officer did not wish to be too specific or tied to any fixed date, but it appears that next year will be the launch of e-probate. It appears from Ms Heenan’s recent presentation that a significant degree of work has already been conducted in the background and so the system has momementum.

What does it mean for solicitors?

The general knee jerk reaction of solicitors to change is to resist. However that shouldn’t be the case in this or any other area. Smoothing the probate process can only be good for solicitors, as it will assist in moving probate files more efficiently and have better predictable outcomes. Like all areas of digital development, this should be embraced by solicitors. It can be a situation where our experience and knowledge can be even more to the fore as form filling and ticking boxes seeps into the digital sphere.

As always, if you require assistance on probate, will drafting, capacity or tax issues please reach out to me on the website. Colm Kelly