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Intestacy and s. 117 (Part 2)

We know now that there is no s. 117 claim in the case of intestacy. We looked last week at a narrow exception to this in the case of civil partners. There is another exception, and that is in the case of partial intestacy. So, where, for example, a person, does not make reference to…

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Intestacy and s. 117 (Children of Civil Partners)

A s. 117 claim cannot arise in the case of intestacy. However there are some exceptions. In particular s. 67A(3), which provides that s. 117 does apply in the case of civil partnership but only where the civil partner dies leaving a civil partner and one or more children. So take the example of John…

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Next of kin and Intestacy (Part 3)

We had looked previously at how to calculate next of kin. We concluded that the rule could be dangerously summarised that where there are two of similar degree the younger prevails. The method of calculating the outer reaches of one’s next of kin was kindly calculated by Mongey and is reproduced here. While we saw…

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