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Intestacy and Next of Kin (Part 2)

We previously looked at some of the closer relationships when it comes to next of kin and intestacy. In this blog we are looking at who is the next of kin if there is no spouse, issue, parent, brother, sister, niece or nephew. We saw that the system of calculating next of kin under the…

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Assisted Decision-Making Implementation

I recently spoke to the senior officer in the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth about the implementation of the Decision-Making Act. So far only one commencement notice has been published this year. That is SI 46 of 2023 which commences certain provisions of the 2022 Amending Act. On foot of my enquiries,…

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Intestacy and Next of Kin (Part 1)

There tends to be a degree of mystery among practitioners in dealing with estates where there is no obvious or close survivor to a deceased who dies intestate. It need not be the case. Section 70 and 71 of the Succession Act deals with figuring out who is the next of kin. This applies where…

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