Title for a Cousin

13 October 2022


It is not often that you may have to go out as far as a cousin for an intestate title but it can happen from time to time. The title is

A bachelor [or widower etc] without parent, brother or sister, nephew or niece, grandparent, uncle or aunt or great grandparent and that I am the lawful first cousin

One of the points however when dealing with a cousin is that there are other parties that stand in similar degree. These include a great nephew/niece and also a great uncle/aunt. So while you may be dealing with a cousin to obtain your Letters of Administration, it is important to ensure that you have ensured that there are no other beneficiaries standing in similar degree to a cousin.

When dealing with these types of cases it is advisable (unless one is 100% satisfied otherwise) to obtain the services of a searching agent, so as to ensure there are no other potential beneficiaries. It is better to have located persons than to have distributed only to receive a claim after the fact.

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