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Revenue clearance – part 5 – practical steps

Over the past number of blogs we have been looking at the Revenue’s clearance procedures. Here I am going to look at some of the practical steps you need to be taking in relation to approaching this area. In the first instance, the positive of the new regime is that work can begin straight away…

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Revenue Clearance – Part 4 – Due Diligence Questions

In our last post we looked at the first element of the due diligence questions that a personal representative must answer prior to seeking clearance with Revenue. We now look at the remaining parts of the due diligence form. The Due Diligence Form – Questions 8 to 14 Have assets been disposed of in the…

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Revenue Clearance – Part 3 – The Due Diligence Process Continued

Last week we looked at the Revenue new clearance procedure focusing particularly on Section A of the Due Diligence form. That section is just principally introductory information while the meatier information is contained in Section B. We go through each of the questions in Section B in this blog. Yes, there is detail, yes it…

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