The number one probate error as stated by the Probate Office

23 April 2021


When scrolling on your phone you might come across those “clickbait” style articles, such as, “Check out Val Kilmer’s life in photos (the last one will amaze you)” or “You will not believe what this man said at his wedding” . . well, I was strongly considering a 10 part email series on probate errors . . because really and truly the number 1 probate error will amaze you. ..

On the other hand, click bait is pretty frustrating (particularly all those cookie notices) and also, while the number 1 probate error is surprising, it’s also a bit . . . .well . . . .“meh”

So according to my source in the probate office, the number 1 error that the probate office have to deal with is the jurat.

De wha’?

Yes, seemingly the most common area is that the swearing block is incorrect on the oath

I don’t get it either . . in that, I don’t see how we could mess that up? . . .We must do . . .

In my blog about probate forms, I have the standard jurat on the standard forms, so you can check it out here

In fact, the probate office has said that the majority of errors are simply basic typos or carelessness rather than any fundamental flaw.

So a bit of attention to detail and good precedents can save a lot of time.