Help with the fair deal scheme

26 March 2021


Life’s not fair. You know that. You are a solicitor! You’re supposed to be creaming it and working 10 – 4!

However, the debate is raging on about whether the fair deal is really fair.

I don’t normally use this channel to promote third party suppliers (not out of any reason in particular – its just not the mojo of this email). However, Tom Murray from reached out to me recently and we had a catch up during the week and I think his service is something that you should be aware of. Tom is based in Clonakilty (I know never heard of it either) . … .and he offers a wide range of services helping clients in relation to the fair deal across the country.

One item that really struck me was one of the services offered by Tom relates to the clawback of the HSE where they discover assets that were not part of the fair deal when the application was made. This is in relation to estates. As you might be aware, where a deceased has availed of the fair deal you have to check with the fair deal to ensure that the claim day one was validly made. If there is an under declaration of assets the fair deal may claw back. The amounts suggested by the HSE for clawback do not have to be taken as gospel. It may be worthwhile having them examined by a service like that offered by Tom (or similar services) to ensure the figures are correct. Probably worthwhile where the clawback is significant.

Just to let you know that I am not on a kickback or soft commission or anything of the like. Tom is anxious that the word gets out there on his service because he sees so many fundamental errors being made at the application stage and through the process. For example he said not half enough people engage in an annual assessment of the assets. Over the years a persons assets are being depleted paying for nursing home care. The fair deal contribution needs to be reviewed in light of this. An annual review is permitted and savings could well be there for the asking.

Again his details are:

Tom Murray

1 Bank House

Kent Street


086 601 5042

Please note, this is not an endorsement. I haven’t availed of the services myself. Please use your own discretion, but it appears a good option.