New Probate Forms and Fees from 1 March 2021

04 March 2021


Like it says on the tin, this is a short blog to give you word versions of the probate forms and access to the fees order.

Word versions of the three main forms are attached here. That is Oath of Executor, Oath of Administrator with Bond and Oath of Administrator with Will Annexed.

I have also included here the fees order.

What is very telling about the forms is that they are designed to minimise error. So, for example, the Oath of the Executor form makes it clear that the gross estate should be included. There are no distinctions between real and personal estate. No repetition of figures. Just one insertion of a figure and move on. In fact, this Oath, to drive home the point, recites at the end that it is the gross value which is inserted, to try and make it crystal clear.

The amalgamation of the bond with the oath for intestate cases is also designed to eliminate paper and make the process faster. A sensible introduction.

Hopefully this is helpful. Regards. Colm Kelly.