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Will Annexed Grants – Some Tips

Who knows. What level are we in? I’ve lost count. Is it 5, is it 1 (which is the worst??!!). If we are back in our offices, we might be cranking up the home printer again and living in the Annex. But talking about the Annex got me thinking about will annexed grants (ouch! #LameSegway).…

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Handwritten changes to printed wills

If you are a regular will practitioner, you will often be called to make wills at a person’s home or in hospital. You will generally have first taken instructions and prepared your will with a view to returning to have the will signed. It is not unusual in these cases, even after taking lengthy instructions…

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Practical Issues on Cremation

This weeks burning topic is that of cremation. Just a practical point rather than a legal one. If you are acting for someone who has no next of kin and wishes to be cremated a set procedure applies. Normally in those cases the client should leave an authority to the undertaker with their will giving…

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