Revenue Helpline for Statements of Affairs

02 October 2020


Lots of practitioners are coming across issues with completing the Statement of Affairs . . .

While the new system will take some time to get use to . . . it is good to know that the Revenue are being helpful and are more than willing to deal with queries . . . so if you are stuck on something . . . remember this number 01 738 3673 . . . this is the number of the National CAT helpline and in fairness the Revenue are good to deal with and eager to iron out issues . . . .and there are some issues . . . .

Some of you had queries in relation to An Post accounts and IBANs. There are no IBANs with An Post accounts. So you don’t put them into the bank account section. The response of Revenue was to include these details into “other assets”.

However the major issue seems to be with PPS numbers and the system not recognising numbers. So its like estamping groundhog day. From my experience the normal response from Revenue on the issue of estamping not recognising PPS numbers was that it was not their issue and to get onto social welfare. As you will be aware this changed overtime, we got into the habit of registering PPS numbers for stamp duty and they introduced the dedicated email service ( to streamline the registration of PPS numbers for stamp duty. At the moment the Revenue are directing us to back social welfare to sort out PPS number issues. There has been a particular issue raised (and thanks to Michael H. Noonan of Maurice F Noonan Rathkeale for this one) in relation to non-resident beneficiaries and PPS numbers. After having gone to the hassle of obtaining new PPS numbers for your non resident beneficiaries, there is a further step. One then has to ensure they are registered by making contact with Revenue through My Enquiries and ask that they activate the PPS number for the purposes of CAT. So just beware of this one.

I am sure there will be lots of other teething issues as we go along and if you have anything else let me know . . . if there is an interest . . . I’ll put together an issues page and put it up on

PS Here is a link to the CAT National Helpline page: