STOP PRESS – New E-CA24 coming soon!!

17 July 2020

change sign

I attended a presentation by Revenue yesterday (15 July) on the new E-CA24 system. (Some of you who are STEP members may have been on the call). Just a few points:-

1. The paper-based CA24 is being phased out and from now on CA24s will be filed online through ROS;

2. The new system is called Statement of Affairs (Form SA.2);

3. The form is very much based on, and contains, much of the same information as the CA24 and will be familiar to you all;

4. One new element is that the threshold for including beneficiaries is now reduced down to €12,000. This is a bit of pain, as those “smaller” beneficiaries will now have to get included;

5. The main reason why no 4 is such a pain is you have to collect PPS numbers for the smaller bequests (yes even minors) and this is cumbersome. However, there is a really neat new feature where you can tick a box to confirm that you don’t have a PPS number to hand, and still file. This feature comes with the condition that you have to give an undertaking that there will be no payment to the beneficiary until such a time as they have their PPS number;

6. The biggest news of all is that the system is set to go live on the 14th of September. From then on CA24s will be electronic only. (There may be some slippage with that date, but that is the current proposed timeline) So if you are halfway through your CA24, get that in now, otherwise, you will have to re-enter detail and go through the electronic system.