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Stamp Duty Relief on Purchasing a Building Site

Just a reminder in case it has fallen off the radar. Purchasing a vacant site is non-residential property. Stamp duty is 7.5%. However, you can claim back 11/15ths of the stamp duty paid. The conditions include the following:- You must have paid the initial stamp duty and received a stamp cert; The site cannot be…

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What does the Programme for Government mean for probate lawyers?

Its really the question that everyone’s asking isn’t it? But for those of you who may be asking the question, the answer is, quite a lot really. Here is a quick guide to the highlights and my reflections on this:- Enacting the Human Tissues Bill, providing for the legal basis for an opt-out system of…

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Base cost and spouses for CGT

Sean is a young an enthusiastic solicitor. He feels he has a good bit of probate and property experience under this belt. The principal is out so he was the last man standing when the call came into the office to attend at the local hospital to take instructions on a will. He took due…

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