CA24 Consultation and Probate searches

01 May 2020

internet searching

Just a couple of items that you might find useful. The Revenue have launched a consultation on the CA24. This is anticipation of a general move to e-probate and online CA24 system. I have mentioned before that in my view this is to be welcomed and should be embraced by us all. I have had a chance to go through the survey and its very short and simple so you can breeze through it. I generally think the form is user friendly, but there are some bugbears of mine. One would be the joint property section (Part 6 – Pages 10-12). At times, it can be difficult to know when the property was put into joint names and by whom and in what shares. Further it can be difficult to set out in the form how and in what shares the income was enjoyed. I have some other items that annoy me (not big points – first world issues) but I don’t want to prejudice your own thoughts or shape your thoughts before you do the survey. I would encourage you to do the survey, because the more that the form is tailored to our requirements the better for us all. If you are doing the survey I found it useful to have in front of you the hard copy of the CA24. You can look through the form before hand and points might strike you before you do the survey.

One other item that I came across recently was also the probate searching function in the beta website. Maybe I am a little late to the party here, but it is very useful to be able to search your probates rather than having to rely on the district probate registries to do this for us. I attach the link here. You can search grants here from 1983 onwards. Very handy.

Have a great bank holiday weekend. If you are having trouble with the links let me know. Sometimes gremlins can come into the system between the time I set up the links and get it out through email.