Notice of applications and probate practice

17 April 2020

Closeup shot of an unrecognisable businessman using a laptop in an office

I hope this finds you well and you are able to push work through. Just a short note on a small change on probate practice which you may have missed. You will recall that we now have the requirement to file a Notice of Application with all applications. The probate office issued a notice recently that the Notice of Application must be typed. The office was having difficulty in some cases in reading the handwritten Notices of Application.

In addition, instead of submitting a fee sheet, the fees must now be impressed on the Notice of Application. The Notice of Application cannot contain information in short or abbreviated form. It must be exactly as per the Oath/CA24. The Probate Office have indicated they will allow no exceptions to these rules.

Hopefully this of help. If you want a pdf of the notice, I can send this to you.