Thoughts on where we are now with Covid

13 March 2020

Paper man cutout surrounded by Corona Virus and economic news headlines

I normally send a tip to my probate friends on a Friday morning. Today is obviously different with the announcement of the Taoiseach yesterday regarding school closures.

My thoughts:-

1. We are in this together. All of us are in the same boat. It is normal to feel concerned and there is no shame in that. Talk to those close to you, colleagues etc. Use Law Society supports. Air your concerns. I often find speaking out the issue triggers a solution. Small immediate steps can give a sense of purpose and achievement.

2. Cash is king and so my thoughts are turning to preserving cash as much as possible. I see that Richard Grogan (Law Society council member/employment expert) has suggested talking to the Revenue to delay VAT payments. That may be an option but don’t take unilateral action. There may be other payments that can be re-scheduled. Can bank loans be extended? Is there any subscription services that can be cut? Can staff hours be modified? Look at all options in a managed way.

3. Do the work. Nothing beats doing work and getting paid for it. Conveyancing is likely to fall off, so I am tacking all outstanding probates with vigour.

4. Be calm but pro-active. This seems concerning now, but like all of the issues you have faced in practice over the last 10 years . . looking back . . didn’t you worry excessively about something that got sorted and the world didn’t end.

These are some of my thoughts . . I really wish you all the best in your efforts to keep going.