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Delays in probate administration

Not to sure if you have noticed, but I’m finding that the turnaround times in the Principal Probate Registry have been greatly improved. We are getting probates back now in six weeks, wherein the past . . . well . . it was a lot longer. So much so that we’ve pretty much abandoned the…

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Solicitor acting as executor in an estate

Just a quick reminder on acting as executor on estates. As you will be aware, it is possible to have the firm be appointed as an executor of a client’s will, but no partner (nor the principal in sole practitioner offices) should witness the will. The will should be witnessed by employed solicitors/secretaries etc, otherwise…

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Transfer of site and gift splitting rules

I talked in a previous blog post last week about gift splitting. That is, gifts from A, to B and C in quick succession. This often arises when a parent gifts a site to a child. The child cannot then, place the asset into the joint names of him/her and their spouse. So if Seamus,…

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