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Other Class A beneficiaries

We all know that parent to child is group A. But just remember, child to parent is also group A for unconditional inheritances. There is also a third group A. A grandchild can avail of a Group A threshold, where they are the minor child of a pre-deceased child. However, this benefit falls away once…

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What to do with the proceeds of a sale?

I hope you are having a good day and settling into the New Year. Just a short note on gifting the proceeds of sale. Under s 6(3) CATCA 2003 the gift of the proceeds of a property which has not completed and in the State is treated as Irish property. So if you enter into…

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Disclaimers for consideration

In my last number of mails I talked about disclaimers. I mentioned that it is possible to disclaim in favour of a third party, but that is treated like a gift. A way around this, is preparing a disclaimer for consideration. This is an important tool both in intestacy and testate situations. I came across…

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